Acorelle Ingrown Hair Treatment 50Ml

Acorelle Ingrown Hair Treatment 50Ml
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Brand: Acorelle

4 ingredients with complementary properties The natural AHA complex stimulates cell renewal, eliminates dead cells and promotes frank hair regrowth. Organic alcohol with a purifying action, acts in association with organic honey extract which fights against irritation and regenerates skin cells. Organic aloe vera supports the purifying action thanks to its soothing properties. 3 Specific actions ingrown hairs An exfoliation that respects the skin thanks to the natural AHA complex that combines softness and efficiency. The hair is then released during regrowth and the skin remains soft. A purifying and regenerating action achieved by organic honey extract to prevent the formation of hair under the skin and pimples. A soothing action made possible by organic aloe vera which soothes the skin between two epilations. 1 innovative format A quick and effective exfoliation made possible thanks to the spray format of this anti ingrown hair treatment.