Aesop Tame Hair Serum 60Ml

Aesop Tame Hair Serum 60Ml
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Product details
Brand: Aesop

Tame Hair Serum is a new daily hair serum to smooth and tame fly away and frizzy hair. This lightweight, fluid formulation controls hair without causing stickiness, tackiness or flaking when dry. Enhanced with Panthenol to confer softness and essential oils to impart a fresh, herbaceous aroma, this formulation is suitable for most hair types and lengths. ‘This product represents a significant, long-awaited and often requested extension of the grooming sub-category of our Hair Care range, and an alternative to heavier formulations of its kind-one that offers both gentle orchestration and tangible benefits to the hair. Inspiration for the formulation efficacy was taken from our skin care serums-known for being light, no greasy and non-burdening. The far-ranging suitability of this formulation brings with it meaningful results and comprises the ideal finishing touch.’ Dr Kate FORBES, Director of Innovation