Agent Nateur Lash And Brow Serum 10Ml

Agent Nateur Lash And Brow Serum 10Ml
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Categories: Skincare,Cleansers
Brand: Agent Nateur

Everyone knows strong, long, healthy eyelashes and eyebrows are the ultimate face-defining feature. Agent Nateur’s new, high potency, clean, non-toxic eyebrow and eyelash serum will help stimulate and nourish your eyelashes and brows better than ever. Free from prostaglandins and doubling up as a styling serum, this revolutionary product is perfect for daytime wear and adds shape to your brows as well as a gloss to your lashes in a way that other growth serums do not - all without impacting the delicate eye area with dark marks and circles that many growth serums can leave behind.Backed by patented, trademarked, and active ingredients and hydrating, reviving, and shine-inducing superstar players, our revolutionary lash & brow serum is scientifically formulated to deliver ultimate nourishment that strengthens, conditions, and enhances eyelash and eyebrow follicles from root to tip. Improving flexibility, moisture, and shine, as well as helping lashes and brows to appear dense, fuller and more beautiful, our lash and brow serum is perfect for anyone who wants to strengthen and nourish a fuller, healthier and more vibrant set of eyebrows and eyelashes. And the even better news? It can be worn under mascara for a double dose of brow and lash power. The serum is also particularly powerful for those with: brittle short inconsistent / sparse lashes and brows; or those who want help with day to day styling.