Alteya Organics Rose Otto Cleansing Milk Bio Damascena 200Ml

Alteya Organics Rose Otto Cleansing Milk Bio Damascena 200Ml
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Categories: Skincare,Cleansers
Brand: Alteya Organics

This gentle, sulfate-free Cleansing Milk delicately purifies, balances, and moisturizes skin, and melts away makeup, while preserving skin’s microbiota. It leaves skin feeling soft, clean, and supple. Our Gentle Organic Complex of skin-reviving Rose and de-stressing Calendula extracts - sustainably farmed at Alteya’s organic gardens - purifies and refreshes skin, while enhancing complexion. Suitable for all skin types and safe for use on eyes, face, and lips. OUR KEY BIOACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Our potent ingredients provide visible results and help enhance skin tone and texture. Rose oil + Rose extract This fragrant combination rich in a complex array of minerals and vitamins, helps tone skin, ensuring more youthful appearance. It has a positive effect on surface capillaries to help even skin tone and boost natural skin glow. Lupulin (Hops extract) Superhero ingredient to protect skin from inflammation and harmful irritants. It has antibacterial, antiseptic, and purifying benefits to help achieve calm and clear-looking skin. It also contains xanthohumomol - an active compound that is proven to combat visible signs of aging promoting collagen and elastin synthesis. Calendula Soothes irritation, supports skin regeneration and healing. Aloe Vera Rich in polysaccharides, it strengthens skin’s moisture barrier, encouraging water retention within the epidermis and promoting soft, smooth, and comfortable skin. Also, rich in salicylic acid it acts as a gentle exfoliator to slough off dead skin cells and clear the pores. Kokum Seed Butter protects the natural skin’s moisture barrier, soothes inflamed skin, and prevents visible signs of aging.