Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion 200Ml

Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion 200Ml
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Product details
Brand: Ameliorate

As seen on TikTok - AMELIORATE Transforming Body Lotion resurfaces the uppermost layers of your skin. Results: - Clinically proven to significantly increase moisture levels in the skin for up to 12 hour. - 87% agreed that the appearance of their skin had improved and felt smoother. - 97% said their skin felt moisturised. - 95% said their skin felt softer. - 82% felt AMELIORATE worked faster and more effectively than their normal product. - 90% agreed that when applied to their face it left their skin feeling softer, smoother and moisturised. - Improved the appearance of bumpy ‘chicken skin’ (Keratosis Pilaris). - Improved the appearance of ingrown hairs. - Soften, smoothes and conditions. Benefits: - Removes dead skin cells. - Unblocks hair follicles. - Promotes surface cell renewal. - Resurfaces rough, dry, bumpy texture. - Intensely hydrates for 12+ hours. - Softens, smoothes and conditions.