Amika Normcore Signature Shampoo 500Ml

Amika Normcore Signature Shampoo 500Ml
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Product details
Brand: amika

A sulfate-free amika Normcore Signature Shampoo that’s packed with vitamins + antioxidants for soft + shiny hair. Key Benefits: - Visibly improves scalp condition. - Gently cleanses scalp and hair. - Fatty acids weightlessly hydrate and revive dullness. Why it’s Special: it’s called ‘signature’ for a reason… packed with a cocktail of vitamins + antioxidants, this lathering shampoo is great for hydration + results in clean, soft + shiny strands. - Coconut Acid: provides excellent lathering + conditioning. - Works on All Hair Types: no matter what type of hair you have, amika’s signature shampoo works its magic on anyone, resulting in refreshed, lustrous locks. - Suitable for Chemical + Colour Treated Hair: feel free to get all the brazilian + keratin treatments and colour you desire! Free From: sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, artificial colors.