Amphora Aromatics Manuka Essential Oil 10Ml

Amphora Aromatics Manuka Essential Oil 10Ml
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Brand: Amphora Aromatics Limited

Soothing, calming, protecting. Great for dry, sensitive and oily skin. Often used as an alternative to Tea Tree. Manuka Essential Oil is similar to Tea Tree Oil but with extra properties and a gentler action (studies have shown that its positive effects may be even stronger than that of Tea Tree). Manuka is great to use where a pleasant rather than medicinal smell is appropriate. It is good for people with dry, oily or sensitive skin. Use well diluted - Manuka is especially effective in Avacado or Jojoba for dry and sensitive skin. It is also a good mood-lifter. Why not try adding a few drops to your bath as a pick-me-up for those winter blues. Manuka has such a wide range of properties that it is used in many modern day skincare, body oil, lotion, cream, soap and shampoo products.