Animigo 'Ultra-Moisture' Cat & Dog Grooming Shampoo 500 Ml

Animigo 'Ultra-Moisture' Cat & Dog Grooming Shampoo 500 Ml
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Categories: Hair Care,Shampoos
Brand: Animigo

LUXURIOUS 5-IN-1 FORMULA - Our deshedding shampoo for dogs & cats comes with an advanced 5-in-1 formula which - ‘Soothes’, ‘Cleanses’, ‘Calms’, ‘Conditions’ & ‘Deodorises’ your pet. Unlike fully-chemical cat & dog grooming products - our natural dog shampoo for smelly dogs removes stubborn dirt without stripping their natural oils & moisture! Our puppy shampoo helps your furry friend grow a healthy skin & coat. NO-MORE DANDRUFF/DRY SKIN/DULL COAT - Our cat & dog dandruff shampoo is made with our advanced ultra-moisture formula to prevent dandruff, flakes & itchiness. Its safe, sensitive formula makes it the best kitten & puppy shampoo from 8 weeks of age itself. The organic lavender oil in our puppy shampoo has natural calming properties. HELPS DETANGLE & DEODORISE - Our cat & dog shampoo for smelly dogs is ideal for detangling and deodorising your pet. The deep-conditioning formula of our deshedding shampoo for dogs & cats helps easily remove and prevent tangles with regular washes. The luxurious lavender scent of our dog shampoo sensitive skin makes cuddle-time all the more fun! And makes our best dog shampoo for itchy skin a reliable staple for your pets’ grooming. NON-TOXIC, ‘SKIN-SAFE’ & PARABEN-FREE - Your pet’s safety is our priority. Our natural, non toxic, safe & sensitive dog shampoo for smelly dogs doesn’t include artificial fragrances, parabens, dyes or nasty chemicals that cause side effects. Our best dog shampoo sensitive skin is manufactured to high GMP standards and we are happy to offer an exclusive 90-day money-back guarantee. AT ANIMIGO, PETS ARE PEOPLE TOO - Choose a brand that cares for your pet almost as much as you do! At Animigo, we are a family of pet lovers dedicated to finding the best solutions for pets’ health & wellbeing in a way that comprises the purest natural ingredients. For care that matches that of humans.