Antipodes Manuka Honey Day Cream 60Ml

Antipodes Manuka Honey Day Cream 60Ml
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Product details
Categories: Skincare,Day Creams
Brand: Antipodes

Restore your freshest-looking visage with this Antipodes Manuka Honey Day Cream,a light face cream featuring New Zealand bioactive ingredients. World-famous manuka honey with natural antibacterial properties helps address any skin blemishes, while mamaku black fern provides a gentle lifting effect. Revolutionary Vinanza antioxidants and kiwi work with peony flower for the ultimate skin-bright finish. Skin Benefits: - Target skin redness and pigmentation thanks to Vinanza antioxidants and kiwi. - New Zealand bioactive ingredients nourish, protect, and brighten skin. - Manuka honey for skin is a natural humectant, drawing moisture deep within skin. - Mamaku black fern contributes to a gentle lifting effect. - Suited to most skin conditions, especially oily skin. Key Ingredients: - Vinanza Grape & Kiwi: Clinically shown to brighten skin. - New Zealand Manuka Honey: Hydrates and promotes a blemish-free complexion. - Avocado Oil: Boosts collagen & hydrates skin thanks to natural antioxidants.