Anton Hubner Silicea Cold Sore Gel 2G

Anton Hubner Silicea Cold Sore Gel 2G
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Categories: Skincare,Lip Care
Brand: Anton Hubner

Anton Hubner Silica Cold Sore Gel is a medical device, proven to work within the hour, Silica Cold Sore Gel relieves the burning and itching sensation caused by cold sores. How Silica Cold Sore Gel works: The purely mineral silicic acid (don’t worry -it’s not a burning acid!!!) that is in Silica Cold Sore Gel alleviates the symptoms after only 1 hour (study with 74 participants). The gel acts on the fluid contained in the blisters, binding the liquid. The gel is easy to apply and stays in place for long periods of time. • The blisters are dried up by natural means • Further spreading is therefore avoided • The tingling, itching and burning symptoms are relieved • The cold sore blisters are healed more quickly • As the mineral silicic acid means that it is highly tolerated by your skin - reactions are very, very, rare.