Aroma Active Muscle Cooling Gel 100Ml

Aroma Active Muscle Cooling Gel 100Ml
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Brand: Aroma Active Laboratories

Aroma Active Muscle Cooling Gel a cooling gel for instant relief and recovery post work out, for general stiffness or to soothe tired limbs. AROMA(THERAPY) A cooling and anti-inflammatory blend of Turmeric, Rosemary, Lavender & adaptogenic Marjoram, known for their stimulating & soothing properties. Combined to support the relief of tiredness and tension, and helping to support cognitive function. ACTIVE(INGREDIENTS) A relieving complex of Patchouli Leaf Extract + Phytocannabinoids (3%), to help calm & relax, an instantly cooling Menthol blend (0.5%), and Borage oil (2%) to firm and hydrate the skin. Combined for their soothing, cooling and calming properties.