As I Am Cocoshea Spray 120Ml

As I Am Cocoshea Spray 120Ml
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Brand: As I Am

As I Am CocoShea Spray is a delight for your coils and curls. Natural textured hair likes nothing better than rich conditioners produced by nature. Coconut Oil and African Shea Butter are sure favorites! Coconut Oil has been a hair beautifier since ancient times because of its quick absorption and ability to produce amazing shine. And who doesn’t adore Shea Butter? Both oils, however, can be a bit challenging to soften and work into the hair. Now, via the wonders of submicron technology, a most beautiful blend of these rich emollients can now be sprayed on or easily massaged in. Oh, how special! Benefits: Nourishes, softens and boosts shine Hydrates the hair shaft Seals -in moisture Helps protect against weather damage Moisturizes the scalp Concentrated and easy to use. How to use: Spray into palms and massage into hair. May be used as a leave in treatment, as a companion product for twisting, or for general daily hair care and maintenance.