Gley De Brech - Preparador Biological Cleanser 200Ml

Gley De Brech - Preparador Biological Cleanser 200Ml
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Brand: Gley de Brech

COMPOSITION YEAST (Yeast Extract). Stimulant of the respiratory metabolism in cutaneous cells, and cell energy activator. UREA. NMF component, deep moisturisation. SWEET ALMOND OIL: oil originating from cold-pressed “Amygdalus comunis Dulcis” seeds. With great mollifying properties for the skin. Its high lipid content guarantees preservation of the fatty part of the Cutaneous Hydrolipidic Film, particularly on skins showing premature signs of deterioration due to being exposed to atmospheric agents. USE Fluid emulsion that cleanses deeply, favouring cellular breathing. Its continued use renders a transparent and bright skin. APPLICATION Apply in the morning and at night, performing a massage on the skin. Remove with a wet cosmetic towel. MAIN STRENGTH Captures dirt and impurities from the skin. Prepares and oxygenates skin, improving the results of the subsequent step of the treatment. Keeps natural skin PH. Developed for all treatments, except the Purifier. Dimensions: 10cmx10cmx20cm