KMS Head Remedy Solid Sensitive Shampoo 75g

KMS Head Remedy Solid Sensitive Shampoo 75g
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Product details
Categories: Hair Care,Shampoos
Brand: KMS

Purify your tresses with the KMS Head Remedy Solid Sensitive Shampoo. The brand’s bestselling shampoo is now available in bar form, letting you care for your hair and the environment at the same time. With less plastic waste, the bar is an excellent alternative for those wanting to reduce their environmental footprint. Carefully formulated for delicate scalps, this sensitive shampoo is fragrance free and pH balanced to keep the scalp calm and free from irritation. Enriched with Olive Chamomile, an ingredient famous for its calming abilities, the formula provides respite for itchy scalp while reducing any redness. Fuelled by patented technology, the brand’s IOPS - Inside Out Perfecting System reinforces brittle strands. Fusing the power of innovative and natural ingredients, this reparative shampoo gently eliminates impurities while it strengthens and reconstructs hair from within. Enriched with Chamomile and Rosemary, ingredients famous for their healing abilities, the shampoo works to calm and cleanse the tresses. Detoxifying the hair without stripping the strands of their essential oils, this moisturising formula conditions the tresses. Free from sulphates, silicone and alcohol. 80% of ingredients come from natural origin. Cruelty-free.