Milk_Shake Sos Roots Black 75Ml

Milk_Shake Sos Roots Black 75Ml
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Product details
Brand: milk_shake

Milk_shake SOS Roots is the perfect product for an annoying growth. With this root spray you can cover your outgrowth, play with different shades or cover your outgrowth. In addition, it even covers the small shades of gray and dries quickly. So all you have to do is apply the desired color, in the desired area, and immediately you get a result that lasts until you wash hair next time. - Covers gray hair and outgrowth - Allows you to experiment with different effects and colors - Holds until the next hair wash - Dries quickly - Gives results directly - Very pigmented Use: - Shake well before use - Can be applied directly to the hair - Turn the nozzle downwards towards the scalp approx. 10 cm from the hair and spray lightly - Always apply on clean, dry hair