Indeed Labs Hydraluron + Tinted Lip Treatment - Pink 9Ml

Indeed Labs Hydraluron + Tinted Lip Treatment - Pink 9Ml
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Categories: Skincare,Lip Care
Brand: Indeed Laboratories

Enhance your lips with a splash of red! Following the success of our award-winning hydraluron+ volumising lip treatment, our lip treatment is now available in three new tints: pink, red, and peach. hydraluron+ tinted lip treatment in red contains extremely soothing ingredients that are designed to nourish, plump, hydrate, and tint lips. A combination of pomegranate sterols, hyaluronic acid, coffee, tea, and tropical fruit extracts work to increase hydration, promote elasticity, and replenish lip’s moisture barrier. Using Volulip, this lightweight, smooth, and non-sticky lip treatment improves lip texture with a visible plumping effect to the lips; while ultra-filling spheres are absorbed into the upper layers of the skin to plump and smooth out deep and superficial wrinkles. Not only does hydraluron+ tinted lip treatment add a beautiful sheer colour to your lips, but it also works to improve lip roughness, dryness, tone, and radiance while helping lips adapt to environmental changes with its antioxidant properties. Coat your lips with this cushiony texture to achieve a younger, plumper, and softer looking pout. Suitable for all lips in need of hydration, comfort, and a splash of colour. hydraluron + tinted lip treatment in red is vegan, not tested on animals, and free of phthalates, SLS & SLES, fragrances, mineral oil, silicone, and denatured alcohol.