Ranavat Fortifying Hair Serum 50Ml

Ranavat Fortifying Hair Serum 50Ml
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Product details
Brand: Ranavat

A powerful hair treatment that works to prevent hair damage while keeping existing strands lustrous and vibrant. This ultra-nourishing blend of amla extract, jasmine oil, and sunflower oil helps manage breakage, nourish the scalp, and protect against heat damage to leave hair stronger and more supple. It can be used to enhance shine and frizz control, or as an overnight repair mask. Jasmine: Rich in antioxidants to promote healthy scalp. Amla: Delivers deep hydration to the scalp. Sunflower Oil: Provides scalp relief and moisturization. 5 x fuller hair 4 x reduction in hair fall-out 2 x visible promotion of thicker healthier hair with body and volume Observed results, self-assessment by scoring, 31 subjects, 8 weeks.